Shock English ● ショックイングリッシュ

Important translations that are just WRONG. Why not let me help me improve your English communications? ● 大事な翻訳や広報が間違っていませんか?気になっていませんか?私にコミュニケーションアドバイスをさせてください。

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Public security announcements: understandable, but why not proofread the headlines?

Posted on June 18th, 2008

Security Announcement PosterHere’s another poster I recently saw in a subway station. In this case the English isn’t terrible to the point of being wrong or misleading. But it’s still wrong. How easy would it to be to get a native speaker to check the phrasing on important posters like this in public places that are seen by many people?

Shock English: We reinforce railway security.
Correct English: Reinforcement of railway security:

Shock English: Other rules when you see unattended item. Don’t touch! Don’t smell! Don’t move!
Correct English: When you see a suspicious item: Don’t touch it! Don’t smell it! Don’t move it!

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