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Important translations that are just WRONG. Why not let me help me improve your English communications? ● 大事な翻訳や広報が間違っていませんか?気になっていませんか?私にコミュニケーションアドバイスをさせてください。

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Classic restaurant mistake

Posted on June 16th, 2008

Advance pay the priceSome classic poor English at a restaurant I went to over the weekend in Shibuya, Tokyo. Okay, I think it does convey the point that you have to pay for your meal at the time of ordering. But still, for a restaurant in cosmopolitan downtown Tokyo, I think we can do better. Even a literal translation of the Japanese (“advance payment system”) would be better than what they have!

Shock English: advance pay the price
Correct English: Please pay in advance

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